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History of Albenga Calcio

Established Date: December 23, 1927
Colors: white-black
Field game: municipal Stadium "Annibale Riva"

Viale Olimpia - Albenga (Savona)


The official foundation dates back to 1928, but in fact the Union Sportive Albenga was born Dec. 23, 1927 when Celestino Franchi, president of Sports Club Fulgor, and Pierino Viziano, president of Sportiva Speranza, on behalf of their respective clubs, shook the alliance that turned in the fusion of the two teams. Then, on December 28, 1927, they wrote to the Podestà of Albenga, lawyer Prospero Cepollini, the following letter:
The leaders of the sports clubs US SPERANZA and SC FULGOR make known to You that on December 23, 1927 came the merger of the two above-mentioned companies, taking the name "UNIONE SPORTIVA ALBENGA". The merger of the two companies was conceived and materialized with high aims to unite all the forces of sport Albenga, worthy of the traditions of the tenacious Ingaunia. We trust in the good will of the under vacuum, as mayor of Albenga, in order that wants to give all possible support to ensure that our city can have a sports field, in obedience to the will of the Duce that the matter has issued appropriate measures to promote the development the Italian sporting life. Kind Regards ''
U.S. SPERANZA –  p. Il Presidente Ciro Pauloni
S.C. FULGOR – Il Presidente  Franchi Celesto

(letter taken to the protocol of the Municipality of Albenga on 28/12/1927 at n. 6717). The new club was officially legalized in the early weeks of 1928 which was followed by the affiliation to the FIGC. Celestino Franks was the first president of the new company Albenga, while the colors adopted were those mesh dell'Ingaunia: orange (yellow) with a red edge, that is, the colors of the city of Albenga. L 'Unione Sportiva Albenga was the heir to a rich tradition of local football. In fact, before he was born, in the period 1918-1925 there were Albenga seven football clubs: Ingaunia, Sports Club Fulgor, Hope, Table, Esperia US villanovese and Leca. Moreover, in the early '900 football it was already practiced in the city on the pitch Opera Sacred Heart by the athletes of the US San Filippo Neri, born January 26, 1893 as a gymnastics team, one of the oldest sports clubs in Italy.

SEASON 1928/29
After feverish preparations by local sports fans (mostly the former managers of Hope and Fulgor), finally the Union Sportive Albenga is entered in the Championship of the 3rd Division, Group A. Their home games are played at Sgorre where they still is the Municipal Stadium "Hannibal Riva". Coach and captain dell'Albenga is Savona Carlo Ghigliano, which is called by the President Celestino Franks to finally take off in the capital of the Ligurian Ingauni the "game of football."
The team colors are not even those white-blacks and the 'Albenga plays in full holding yellow and sometimes orange.
Carlitto” Ghigliano (born in Savona 2/11/1892-† il 22/12/1954) It is a defender with a glorious football career. It arrives in the town ingauna after wearing for many years the white-blue jersey of Savona and even the far more noble red-blue jersey of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club 1893. And just when militated in griffins, the new captain of 'Albenga was summoned to the National Italian. His debut was in Bern March 28, 1920 in the friendly match between Switzerland and Italy ended 3-0 in favor of the Swiss. The blues that took the field in front of about 10,000 spectators were:
Giacone (Juventus), Ghigliano (Genoa), De Vecchi R. (Genoa)(cap.), Ara (Pro Vercelli), Carcano (Alessandria), Lovati C. (Milan), Conti L. (Milan), Aebi (Inter), Brezzi (Genoa), Cevenini III (Inter), Asti (Inter). Allenatore: G. Milano I.

The season officially began on Nov. 4, 1928, but, in the 1st day, the Albenga not took to the field as the timetable assigned it a turn off. The debut took place seven days after (Day 2 - November 11, 1928) away in Carassone Mondovi against Costamagna and the result was not taken down by 0-0.
Here's the match of the first official race: Costamagna: Blangino, Manassero, Carzana, Rossi, Abrate, Gariani I, Castellini, Gasco, Barale, Gariano II, Della Casa.  Albenga: Vio, Ghigliano, Forcheri, Guido, Saccheri, Strizioli, Cangiano, Goretti, Benvenuto, Grana, Gallo.
Il cammino dell’Albenga fu questo:

  • Albenga-U.S. Savonese 0-0 (3ª day  – 18 november 1928)
  • Ferriere Novi-Albenga 5-0 (4ª day  – 25 november 1928)
  • Albenga-Veloce Savona 0-0 (5ª day  – 2 december 1928)
  • Albenga-Colombo Savona 1-1, goal of (6ª day  – 9 december 1928), 
  • Alba Docilia-Albenga 4-0 (7ª day  – 16 december 1928), 
  • Albenga-Costamagna 1-0, goal of Galatolo (9ª day  – 13 January 1929), 
  • U.S. Savonese-Albenga 1-0 (10ª day  – 20 January 1929), 
  • Albenga-Ferriere Novi 2-1, goal of Goretti e Saccheri (11ª day  – 27 January 1929), 
  • Veloce Savona-Albenga 1-2, goal of Goretti e Bernardoni (12ª day  – 3 february  1929), 
  • Colombo Savona-Albenga 0-1, goal of Goretti (13ª day  – 20 february 1929), 
  • Albenga-Alba Docilia 2-0  (14ª day  – 20 february 1929).
After a start not too bright, the men of Carlitto Ghigliano take share and, thanks to victories in the last four days, recovering positions in the standings and conclude the season in 3rd place with 14 points, ahead of Colombo Savona (12), Fast Savona (9), Dawn Docilia (8) and Costamagna Mondovi (withdrawn). The championship was won by Ferriere Novi with 20 points from five lengths that preceded the US Savona, both admitted to the regional finals (Albenga: 5 wins, 4 draws, 3 defeats, 9 goals scored, 13 goals conceded).
SEASON 1929/30
In the second season of its history the team Albenga is recognized at the 3rd Division Championship, but this time is diverted in Group B. Dr. Bernardo Zunino, veterinary Genoa, was elected President of the association.
The final ranking sees still in 3rd place behind the cousins ​​dell'Alassio and Fast Savona.
The opening match takes place away from Savona (3 November 1929) against the very fast and end up with a negative result for the Albenga (1-0). The chronicles of the time reported: "The U.S.. Fast he has started the season with a deserved victory. The game wowed the public come to Polisportivo Corso Ricci for the beautiful game phases carried out by the contenders. Velociani slight superiority in the first half that can mark the 15 'to work Pertino ". The Albenga row: Vio, Borzachiello, Forcheri, Guido, Saccheri Falabrino, cantons, Welcome, Scola, Strizioli, Bernardoni.
In Day 2, Albenga, we see the first official derby of Gallinara. The result, however, despite the best preparations and the utmost commitment, however, does not smile but all'Albenga all'Alassio privateer who manages to win by 2 to 1.
The 3rd day (17 November 1929) finally sees the Albenga victorious 2-1 in Savona against Colombo. He opened the scoring for the Bernardoni Albenga (27 '), draw Castano (77') and ultimately winning goal Tornatore (83 '). This was the formation: Vio, Borzachiello, Forcheri, Guido, Saccheri Strizioli, Scola, Bernardoni, Welcome, Tornatore, Cangiano. Referee of the meeting Mr Lagosteno Genoa (Albenga: 3 wins, 0 draws, 3 losses, 12 goals scored, goals against 5).
season 1929/30
Briano, Cangiano, Scola, Saccheri, Forcheri, Magnetto, Rossi, Strizioli, Guido, Vio, Grana
SEASON 1930/31
This season sees the Albenga participate in the Championship of the 3rd Division, Group C. At the chairmanship of the company is called Carlo Rombo, secretary of the hospital "Saint Mary of Mercy" of Albenga.
In 13 races the Ingauni seized 15 points from 7 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses. Were 27 goals scored and conceded 22. The opponents were: II Alassio, Savona II, Fast Savona, Imperia Borgo Peri, Imperia II, Ventimiglia II and Silvio Borra. The season opened very well for Albenga you that in home of 26 October 1930, he managed to establish themselves with a 3-0 against Fast Savona. The next day (November 2, 1930), however, reported the Ingauni down-to-earth. In that of Savona, in fact, they were beaten by the same score from Savona II. In the field, in front of the referee Masini of Genoa, they went down: Di Carlo Navone, Guelph, Cangiano, Monero, Facollo, Rapa, Grana, Scola, Ansaldi II Strizioli (Albenga: 7 wins, 1 draw, 5 defeats, goals scored 27, 22 goals conceded).
SEASON 1931/32 
And so we come to the fourth year of life. The company has grown and the team, with the name Albingaunia Sport, is admitted to the 2nd Division Championship, Pool Unique Ligure. We said, the fourth year of life for Albenga Soccer and fourth president. After Celestino Franks, Bernardo Zunino and Charles Diamond, the leadership called Dr. James Mason, radiologist of the local hospital, to lead the company. The post of Secretary is entrusted to Giuseppe Morandi.
At Day 1 (18 October 1931) the derby between the walls of friends against the "wasps" dell'Alassio fair ends in a draw (1-1). It then goes away in Vado Ligure (25 October 1931) and the Albingaunia Sports fielded: Torres, Vitalone, Mascaroli, Piccio, Gandolfo, Grassi, Gardella, Forwarders, What, Paris, Chiarlone. The referee is Mr. Poivera of La Spezia. 4 'I'm going ahead with April. The draw comes in the second part of the race when the striker fails to beat the goalkeeper Oddera of Vado. And at 64 'the Albingaunia Sport is even the lead thanks to the goal scored by Paris. But the joy did not last long. Only a minute later, he Poli restores distances. A draw against quotatissimo Vado is however for the newly promoted Albenganese a very welcome development. On 17 January 1932 it plays Albenga the second leg (13th in the league) and I go to the bank comes in Centa with the intent to make full loot. But Albenganese are very motivated and 10 'went ahead thanks to Bazzi. In closing, 7 'from the final whistle, comes the balance for work Fioretti. Eleven dell'Albingaunia Sport was: Torres, Vitalone, Forcheri, Woodpecker, Gandolfo, Facollo, Bruzzone, fats, Forwarders, Gardella, Bazzi. Referee: Rivaro of Imperia.
This is the final ranking: Genoa II 32, Vado and Corniglianese 26, Sestri Levante 22, Entella 21, Spice II 20, Albingaunia Sport 19, Tigullio 18, Riva Trigoso 17, Alassio 13 Quick Emb. 4 (Albingaunia Sports: 7 wins, 5 draws, 8 losses, 37 goals scored, 33 goals conceded).
SEASON 1932/33
Even this football season sees the Albingaunia Sport participate in the 2nd Division Championship, Pool A. In the Presidency Dr. James Mason. The final day (23 February 1933) sees the team committed to Albenga Savona against Fast Savona. The meeting is very important as there is dancing in the access to the regional semifinals. In the field are: String, Borzachiello, Vitale, Carpini, Del Buono, Zarri, Cappanera, Gardella, Mascardi, Bazzi, Bruzzone. The first half ended goalless. Then at 59 'the Fast Savona took the lead. Access to the semifinals banned for Ingauni? No! They think Mascardi (65 ') and Carpini (82') to bring a smile on the faces of fans Albenganese (Albingaunia Sport: 6 wins, 7 draws, 1 loss, 29 goals scored, 20 goals conceded). The ranking of the final round will be this: Rivarolese 9 Albingaunia Sports 8 (4 wins, 0 draws, 2 defeats, 15 goals for and 8 against), Corniglianese 5, Spice II 2. The first classified is admitted to the finals and the interregional ' Albingaunia Sports will pass in the 1st Division.

Albenga, 10 nov. 1929, the photo of players in the first derby of the Island Gallinara, left the Albenga
SEASON 1933/34
This season however will not be very satisfying for the string goalkeeper and his mates. The 1st Division is very challenging and decidedly more famous opponents. The final standings, after 30 days, is as follows: Savona 47, Andrea Doria 45, 40 Imperia, Entella 34, Ventimiglia 33, I go 29, Genoa and Sestrese 28, Alexandria, Acqui and Alassio 28, Corniglianese 26, Pontedecimo 25, Ruentes Rapallo 24, Albingaunia Sport 20, Rivarolese 19.
With the leaders Savona ended 2-5 in home game that was played at Day 3 (8 October 1933).
Field: String, Henry, Mascardi, Zarri, Puppo, Facollo, Bruzzone, Rossi, Moretti, Cappanera, Rota. Networks dell'Albingaunia Sports were of Cappanera and Moretti.
In Savona (21 January 1934) did not go any better for men dr. Mason, in fact the banners won 3-0. The Albingaunia Sports sided so: String, Balloni, Borzachiello, Facollo, Guido, Zarri, Giolitto, Henry, Forneris, Rossi, Moretti (Albingaunia Sport: 5 wins, 10 draws, 15 defeats, 36 goals scored, 54 goals conceded) .

season 1933/34
Gianello, Bazzi, Dr. Massone, Cappanera, Bruzzone, Zarri, Gualdi, Facollo, Picchio, Gulle, Stringa, Vitali.

SEASON 1934/35
The Albingaunia Sport was recorded by Dr. James Mason in the Championship of 1st Division. The team, coached by the Tuscan Mario Balloni, behaved with dignity and came 8th. The final standings saw Sanremese in 1st place with 37 points, followed by Savona 35, Sestrese 34, Imperia and Ventimiglia 32, Entella 31, Ruentes Rapallo 30, Albingaunia Sport 25, I go 24, 23 Acqui, Corniglianese 22, Alassio 18, maurina 11, Port 10.
With Vado, Albenga, ended 2-2 (16th day, March 10, 1935). They took the field: String, Head, Balloni, Magneto, Wheat, Facollo, Gianello, Benso, Cappanera, Zarri, Giacoppo. Networks: two goals from Fioretti for guests (31 'and 40') replied in the same manner Magneto (74 'and 77'). Referee: Morgantino of Turin. (Albingaunia Sports: 9 wins, 7 draws, 10 defeats, 26 goals scored, 23 goals conceded).

season 1934/35
Magnetto, Frumento, Testa, Gianello, Giacoppo, Stringa, Balloni, Facollo, Vignola, Zarri, Cappanera, Benso.

SEASON 1935/36
In the football season 1935/36 the economic conditions were not the most prosperous. Emerge resentment and Dr. Mason leaves office. The presidency is headed by Piero Giuliani. The team resented a lot and the results were modest. The pink dell'Albingaunia Sports consisted of the following players: Fist, Gavedio, Ascheri Balloni, Head, Saccheri Zarri, Facollo, Bruzzone, Bisio, Rossi, Benso, Riolfo, Gaveglio. Coach Mario Balloni. It was the Corniglianese to win the championship with 36 points ahead of Genoa II and II Sampierderanese 35, I go 29, Bel Paese 22, Rapallo Ruentes and Riva Trigoso 21, Maurina 20, Ilva Savona 19, Albingaunia Sport 15, Loanese 7 (Albingaunia Sports: 6 wins, 5 draws, 12 defeats, 29 goals scored, 47 goals conceded).
The football season 1936/37 sees the participation of the team in town leagues officers. The year 1937, however, is crucial for football Albenga returns as enthusiasm and now, after a real re-foundation, takes off.
SEASON 1937/38
Football in the year 1937/38 the Albenga is located in 1st Division, round Ponente. The company is solid (President of the Recreational Agricultural Company: Dr. Cravino; President of the Section Soccer: Joseph Rapa; Secretary: Antonio Preve) and the team is very competitive. His will be a march really overwhelming. He won the championship with 7 points on the runner. This is the final ranking: 24 Albenga, Sanremo II 17, Alassio and Finale 15, Savona Varazze II and 14 II 11 I go, Imperia II 4, Loanesi 2. The only defeat coming on May 8, 1938 in Finale Ligure against Finale (1-0). The Albenga was admitted to the final round of four teams to climb to Serie C (Albingaunia Sports: 11 wins, 2 draws, 1 defeat, 33 goals scored, 11 goals conceded).
 season 1937/38
Standing from left: Facollo, Giribaldi, Rossi, Zarri, Ferrua, Volpe, Carrega, Balloni (Allenatore);
squatting: Magnetto, Ascheri, Tornago, Enrico.

Memorable final between Albenga and Tigullia on neutral ground of Savona at 16:30 of Sunday, June 19, 1938. Mario Balloni, coach of Ingauni, fielded the following formation: Tornago, Henry, Ascheri, Rolando, Zarri, Magneto, Facollo, Carrega Rossi, Mascardi, Fox. The referee Mr Monti di Genova. For the occasion, the green jersey is worn instead of the traditional white-black tunic. And the Albenga, after just 7 ', took the lead with a goal from captain Mario Facollo. The Tigulia resist for an hour and try to counter the Ingauni, but Rossi 67 'doubles. And in the end, 85 ', will be even Rossi to become once again the protagonist with the network of the final 3-0. It is the triumph! The Albenga is promoted to Serie C !!! (Final Round: 2 wins, 1 draw, 0 defeats, goals scored 8 goals against 1).

He played in Serie C (Group D) for three consecutive seasons, reaching twice the eighth and ninth once, but being forced out of business in 1941 for problems of war.

When filming the activity, in 1945, he returned from the First Division Liguria, winning the round and immediately returning to Serie C. At the end of the season 1947-48, due to a reform of the championships (which reduced the group of Series C 18 4), the 10th place in Group A was not enough to avoid relegation in the new championship promotion.


1928 Establishment of the Club Albingaunia
1929-30 Division II Liguria
1930-31 Division II Liguria
1931-32 Division II Liguria
Promoted in 1932 to 33 Division I sports as Albingaunia Albenga
1933-34 The Fourteenth Division Group E with 20 points. Relegated but then readmitted.
1934-35 The Division Group D ranked twelfth.
1965-36 The Division Group D ranked thirteenth.
1937-38 Promoted from Division I
1938-39 Series C Group D Albenga Sports Albingaunia eighth with 21 points
1939-40 Series C Group D ninth with 28 points
1940-41 Series C Group D eighth with 23 points. Ceases activities because of war.
1945-46 North League series C round of Liguria at first as AS Albenga 43 points
(Admitted to C). Final Round: 1 - Bolzanetese - Pontedecimo- 2 3 4 Rapallo- Vado - Albenga 5 - 6 Caires
1946-47 Series C North Group A twelfth with 37 points
1947-48 Series C round in tenth with 27 points. Promotion admitted to Inter.
1948 -49 Promotion Interregional Group A 6th with 37 points
1949-50 Promotion Interregional Group F 3rd place with 41 points
1950-51 Promotion Interregional Group F ranked 12th with 32 points
1951-52 Promotion Interregional Group F 18 ^ classified with 10 points and relegated
1952-53 Promotion Group A 1st with 40 points promoted IV Series
IV series 1953-54 Group A with 21 points sixteenth relegated Promotion
1954-55 Promotion Group A 4th classified with 36 points
1955-56 Promotion Group A ranked 12th with 24 points
1956-57 Promotion Group A 5th ranked with 33 points
1957-58 Promotion Giroene 6 ^ classified with 36 points
1958-59 Promotion Group A 4th classified with 44 points
1961-62 Series D Group A ranked 9th with 34 points
1962-63 Series D Group A with 29 points ranked 16th relegated in promotion
1963-64 Promotion Stop. Group A 1 ^ with 49 points (playoff at Marassi against Sestrese 1st Group B Sestrese-Albenga Albenga 0-1 promoted in series D)
1964-65 Series D Group A ranked 6th with 35 points
1965-66 Series D Group A 5th ranked with 40 points (championship won by Spezia)
1966-67 Series D Group A 4th classified with 42 points (championship won by Pavia)
1967-68 Series D Group A ranked 12th with 33 points
1968-69 Series D Group A ranked 12th with 32 points
1969-70 Series D Group A ranked 11th with 30 points
1970-71 Series D Group A with 30 points 8th classified
1971-72 Series D Group A 4th classified with 39 points
1972-73 Series D Group A with 34 points 8th classified
1973-74 Series D group at 18 ^ classified with 23 points and relegated in promotion
1974-75 Promotion Stop. 9th ranked with 29 points
1975-76 Promotion Stop. 2nd place with 44 points
1976-77 Promotion Stop. Group A 1 ^ with 45 points (play-off against the winner of Group B Pontex - Marassi Stadium in Genoa 0-1 Pontedecimo- Albenga Albenga promoted to Serie D)
1977-78 Series D Group A ranked 13th with 30 points
1978-79 Series D Group A 5th ranked with 35 points
1979-80 Series D Group A ranked 12th with 29 points
1980-81 Series D Group A ranked 14th with 29 points
1981-82 Interregional Group E with 29 points ranked 12th
1982-83 Interregional Group A ranked 10th with 29 points
1983-84 Interregional Group A 3rd place with 39 points
1984-85 Interregional Group A with 31 points 6th classified
1985-86 Series D Group A ranked 10th with 27 points
1986-87 Interregional Group A with 30 points 6th classified
1987-88 Interregional Group A 2nd place with 41 points
1988-89 Interregional Group A ranked 14th with 31 points
1989-90 Interregional Group A with 15 points ranked 18 ^ (relegated in promotion)
1990-91 Promotion Group A ranked 11th with 25 points
1991-92 Promotion Group A ranked 11th with 27 points
1992-93 Promotion Group A 2nd place with 42 points
1993-94 Promotion Group A 1st classified with 42 points (promoted excellence)
1994-95 Excellence 3rd place with 34 points
1995-96 Excellence ranked 16th with 14 points (relegated Promotion)
1996-97 Promotion Group A ranked 12th with 38 points
1997-98 Promotion Group A 1st classified with 63 points (promoted excellence)
1998-99 Excellence ranked 9th with 36 points
1999-00 Excellence ranked 9th with 36 points
2000-01 Excellence ranked 7th with 39 points
2001-02 Excellence ranked 4th with 45 points
2002-03 Excellence ranked 10th with 35 pts
2003-04 Excellence ranked 17th with 25 Pts (relegated Promotion)
2004-05 Promotion Group A ranked 13th with 34 points (saves after the play-off with the Alassio won 5-3 in front of over 1000 fans Ingauni)
2005-06 Promotion Group A with 36 points 8th classified
2006-07 Promotion Group A 4th classified with 53 points
2007-08 Promotion Group A ranked 7th with 41 points
2008-09 Promotion Group A with 17 points ranked 15th (relegated for the first time in its history in 1st class !!!)
2009-10 1st Class Group A with 14 points ranked last relegated to 2nd category
2010-11 not entered the championship of 2nd category for inadempienze.Viene enrolled in the third championship with a new name and a new company 'ASD Albingaunia 1928 and immediately won the championship and it' promoted it in the 2nd category
2011-12 Category 2 ^ 7 ^ classified with 51 points
2012-13 2nd Category 3rd place with 60 points leads the playoffs. Wins the playoffs promoted to 1st Category
2013-14 1st Category 1st Classified with 64 points promoted Promotion
2014-15 Promotion ranked 7th with 42 points